Safety and health in building and civil engineering work

Code of practice relating to occupational safety and occupational health in civil engineering and the construction industry - includes provisions concerning the work environment and equipment, fire protection, noise, machinery (incl. Building machinery and electrical machinery, ionising radiations, explosives, handling, occupational health, welfare, health services, etc.)

Code of practice | 31 December 1972
Considerable thought has been given in this Code to the differences that exist in building and civil engineering practices in both developed and developing countries and to the need both to improve poor practices and to establish good practices where none exist today. The provisions of the Code should therefore be read in the context of conditions in the country proposing to use this information; the criterion followed throughout, however, has been that these provisions represent the minimum that should be observed.

This Code of practice covers 42 topics retaled to safety and health in building and civil engineering. Main topics: workplaces and equipment; scaffolds, ladders and stairs; lifting appliances; railways, road and similar transport; construction equipment; electricity; blasting; concrete work; other buiding operations; excavations; underground construction; work in compressed atmosphere; work clothes and personal protective equipment; hygiene and welfare; medical supervision.