The third international conference on Occupational Radiation Protection: Strengthening Radiation Protection of Workers - Twenty Year of Progress and the Way Forward

The conference is organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), hosted by the Government of Switzerland and co-sponsored by the ILO and in cooperation with other international organizations.

Purpose and Objectives
The conference has the following objectives:
• To exchange information and experience in the field of occupational radiation protection;
• To review technical and regulatory advances, challenges and opportunities since the last conference on the topic organized in 2014;
• To review the global situation on radiation protection of workers;
• To identify priority actions and future needs;
• To formulate conclusions and recommendations.
The conference is expected to identify proposal for actions leading to improved global occupational radiation protection system.

Themes and Topics
• Review of international standards and recommendations on occupational radiation protection, progress over the past twenty years and existing challenges
• Radiation effects and health risks from radiation exposure at the workplace
• Monitoring and dose assessment of occupational radiation exposures
• Occupational radiation protection in medicine
• Occupational radiation protection in the workplaces involving exposure to naturally occurring radioactive material, radon and cosmic rays
• Occupational radiation protection in industrial, research and educational facilities
• Occupational radiation protection in nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities
• Occupational radiation protection in emergency exposure situations and subsequent transition periods
• Radiation protection of workers in special cases (itinerant workers, apprentices, female workers)
• Optimization in occupational radiation protection
• Technical service providers in occupational radiation protection
• Education and training in occupational radiation protection
• Health surveillance; probability of causation of occupational harm attributable to radiation exposure; compensation
• Occupational radiation protection networks
• Management systems
• Occupational exposure levels and dose registries
• Safety culture in occupational radiation protection
This is not an exhaustive list and other relevant topics will also be considered for inclusion.

Target Audience
The conference offers an opportunity to stakeholders involved in the implementation, management and/or development of occupational radiation protection policies to share and discuss experiences. Participants at the conference will include representatives of regulatory bodies, workers and employers involved in the use of radiation sources and in the operation of installations containing or handling radioactive materials including NORM, radiation protection experts, researchers, personnel from providers of occupational radiation protection technical services, and manufacturers of radiation emitting apparatus and other radiation sources. Representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations, emergency workers/emergency response organisations as well as other interested parties would also find this conference of interest.