Meeting of the G7 Employment and Development Ministers – Ministerial Declaration, Berlin, 13 October 2015

Action for Fair Production: Vision Zero Fund

With the support of the G7, a multi-donor Vision Zero Fund (VZF) is created with the aim of preventing work-related deaths, injuries and diseases in sectors operating in or aspiring to join global supply chains.

Meeting document | 17 November 2015
During a two-day meeting in Berlin, the G7 ministers of Employment, Labour, Social Affairs, International Cooperation and Development agreed on a series of measures, including the creation of a multi-donor Vision Zero Fund for action in producing countries.

The VZF will help prevent and reduce the unacceptable number of workplace-related deaths, injuries and diseases. Gaining access to global supply chains can be an important part of strategies for poverty reduction. The Fund will help to make this route safer.

The final declaration of the G7 ministers states that the ILO will assume the lead role in the implementation of the Fund. The first activities are due to start in 2016.