Strengthen work safety foundation and improve safety-enabling capacity

7th China International Forum on Work Safety

Under the theme “Strenghten work safety foundation and improve safety-enabling capacity”, the forum will revolve around related topics such as underground mine refuge chambers, management and control of major hazard sources of chemicals, prevention and control of occupational hazards in workplaces, safety inspection by governments and social supervision, and promoting the progress of safety foundation of enterprises.

The 7th China International Forum on Work Safety focuses on enhancing work safety foundation and improve safety-enabling capacity. Some of the topics to be addressed by the meeting include the role of mine emergency safe-refuge shelters, occupational diseases, long-term safety mechanisms for hazardous chemicals, ocuppational safety and health (OSH) inspection and social participation, promotion and application of advanced safety technologies, corporate safety culture, prevention and workers' safety awareness. 

The event is organized by the National Centre for International Cooperation in Work Safety (NCICS) and hosted by the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), a cabinet-level department of the Chinese government overseeing workplace safety, and the ILO. Co-hosts are the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI). The theme and topics of the forum are largely based on SAWS' work agenda and China’s current OSH situation.

The forum represents a primary information platform about China’s policy development in OSH. The forum is an institutionalized biennial event jointly held by SAWS and the ILO since 2002, in conjunction with the China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition (COS+H).

The exhibition is an opportunity to link businesses with China’s market and provides a venue for understanding the demand in safety technologies, services and products. COS+H is one of the leading OSH trade fairs in Asia. It features high level technology and professional information exchange, covering a wide range of products and areas: personal protective equipment, mining safety, safety monitoring instrumentation and automation, emergency rescue, etc.