Development of a National Occupational Safety and Health Programme for Moldova

The main objectives of this national tripartite workshop were to identify and describe strengths and challenges for OSH in Moldova; to identify and to analyze priorities for action in order to improve the OSH system; and to put in place a roadmap that would lead to the development and eventual adoption of a National OSH Programme for Moldova.

The workshop brought together 19 participants from the relevant Ministries and agencies including the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family; Ministry of Health; State Labour Inspection; Labour Institute; National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (CNSM); National Confederation of Employers of Moldova; National Bureau of Statistics, Academic community.

As a result of group work and plenary discussions, the following were identified as priorities which should appear in the national occupational safety and health programme for Moldova:

  • Elaborate a national OSH policy on Occupational Safety and Health;
  • Improve the national OSH legislation and harmonize it with the ILO Conventions and EU Directives;
  • Coordinate activities of national OSH training centers;
  • Modernize the compulsory social insurance system against occupational accidents and diseases;
  • Improve the data collection system and analysis of the information on OSH;
  • Improve the facilities and equipment of the Labour Inspectorate;
  • Create an OSH department in the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Conduct awareness raising activities on OSH at the level of the enterprise as well as at national level (World Day for Safety and Health at work, information campaign through Mass Media, etc.).

The Vice-Minister of Labour, Mr Sainciuc expressed the commitment of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family of the Republic of Moldova to set up and head a tripartite working group aimed at improving and finalizing the national OSH profile and developing the draft national programme by November 2011.

Mr Sainciuc also suggested that the first campaign for the World Day on OSH on the 28th of April should be the opportunity to announce the updating of the national OSH profile and the elaboration of a national OSH programme.