The Post-2015 Development Agenda
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The Post-2015 Development Agenda

Accelerating progress towards the MDGs

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    The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

    The MDG framework has helped to galvanize development efforts and guide global and national development priorities since 2000. While three of the eight goals have been achieved prior to the final deadline, much work remains to be done ahead of 2015. With only two years left, enhanced commitment, resources and efforts are needed and the Decent Work Agenda offers an integrated approach, which can contribute to accelerating progress towards achievement of all the MDGs.

The road ahead

  1. ILO Concept note #2

    Jobs and livelihoods: Meaningful ways to set targets and monitor progress

    Focus on how to set targets and indicators to help achieve decent work as an explicit goal of the global development agenda beyond 2015.

  1. ILO Concept note #1

    Development happens through jobs

    The ILO calls for job creation and social protection to be included in the list of Development Goals which will be drawn up by the United Nations after the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals passes in 2015.

A new development agenda


  1. National consultations

    Led by UN Resident Coordinator, national dialogues are providing open forums for people to express their vision on any topic they care about.

  2. U.N. Regional commissions

    Voicing regional perspectives on a global level.

  3. High Level Panel

    High-level Panel to advise on the global development framework beyond 2015, the target date for the Millennium Development Goals.


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  3. Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda

    Inclusive growth and decent work proposed for new development goals

    21 July 2014

It all starts with you

  1. Perspectives on Growth and Employment

    Consult the E-discussions related to growth and employment conveying your messages to global leaders who will be making decisions on the post-2015 development agenda.

Share your voice online

  1. Thematic consultations

    What kind of World do you Want?

    Co-convened by civil society and the United Nations, the post-2015 consultations aim to capture the voices of citizens around the world and shape the post-2015 development agenda.

  2. Take the survey

    U.N. Global survey for a better world

    What's the most important issue to you ?

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