Publications on labour migration

February 2017

  1. Publication

    ILO Inter-regional Knowledge Sharing Forum Report - Good practices and lessons learned on promoting international cooperation and partnerships to realize a fair migration agenda for migrant domestic workers in Africa, the Arab States and Asia

    21 February 2017

  2. Report

    Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work

    15 February 2017

    This report considers the impact of telework/ICT-mobile work on the world of work. It synthesises research carried out by Eurofound’s network of European correspondents and ILO country experts.

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    Feature article

    With Millions Displaced by Climate Change or Extreme Weather, Is There a Role for Labor Migration Pathways?

    03 February 2017

    Even as huge attention in the past two years has been focused on the movement of people fleeing their homes due to war or political instability, far less attention has been given to the millions displaced by the effects of climate change or extreme-weather events. Few opportunities for legal migration exist for these populations, however. This article explores the potential of regular labor mobility pathways to serve as a safe outlet for displaced populations in the areas most susceptible to the effects of climate change.

  4. Newsletter

    Newsletter of the Ship to Shore Rights Project, February 2017

    01 February 2017

    Welcome to the 2nd issue of the newsletter of the Combatting Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Thai Fishing and Seafood Industry Project funded by EU - also known as the Ship to Shore Rights Project.

January 2017

  1. Publication

    Catalogue of ILO Resources on Domestic Work

    27 January 2017

  2. Publication

    ILO Syria Crisis Response Strategy (Update: January 2017)

    20 January 2017

    Within the framework of the Regional Refugee Response and Resilience Plan (3RP), the ILO has adopted a development-focused and employment-driven strategy to support host communities and refugees. The ILO strategy builds on its core mandate to promote employment, social dialogue, social protection and rights at work through contributing to building the resilience of host communities and refugees, strengthening institutional capacities and coordination to eliminate child labour, and supporting evidence-based policy development to ensure an employment-rich national response, embedded in the principles of decent work.

December 2016

  1. Publication

    Towards a framework for fair and effective integration of migrants into the labour market

    19 December 2016

    This paper takes stock of the broad issues involved in the labour market integration of immigrants in G20 countries, as well as of the policies at hand to free their full potential.

  2. Technical Report

    Migrant Workers in Commercial Agriculture

    19 December 2016

  3. Technical Report

    International Migrant Workers in the Mining Sector

    18 December 2016

  4. Technical Report

    Migrant Work & Employment in the Construction Sector

    18 December 2016