Sustainable Partnerships for Governance of Labour Migration in the Russian Federation, Caucasus and Central Asia

The proposed project aims to promote a sustainable, participative and equitable approach to the governance of labour migration in the Russian Federation, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It will promote national and regional dialogue on more effective forms of migration governance, integrating initiatives of governments, trade unions, employers' associations, civil society, the ILO and other organisations in the region.

This will be supported by close examination of changing labour market conditions and requirements resulting from growth and structural change, the challenges faced at the level of national policy down to local administration in protecting migrant rights, and the opportunities for maximizing the beneficial impacts of migration on economic development through appropriate policies and programmes in origin and destination countries. The outcomes of the project will be to set strategic objectives and priorities through consultation with all relevant stakeholders; to develop and adopt legislation to provide a legal basis for the implementation of these objectives and priorities; and to establish the necessary structures and institutions to ensure legislation can be effectively implemented and evaluated and therefore has a sustainable impact.

Additional information can be obtained from M. Patrick Taran, Senior Migration Specialist, ILO MIGRANT, Tel: +41.22.799.80.91, E-mail: or M. Nilim Baruah, Project coordinator, ILO Subregional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Tel: +7.495.933.0810, E-mail: