Global Media Competition

ILO awards two Argentine journalists in the Global Media Competition

In the context of the inauguration of the international festival “Construir Cine”, the multimedia report "Las preguntas de Solomon" (Solomon’s Questions) was distinguished among more than 250 entries from more than 70 countries around the world.

Noticia | 5 de junio de 2019
BUENOS AIRES – The historical spot known as La Manzana de las Luces served as the venue for the inauguration of the sixth edition of the ‘Construir Cine’ international film festival, dedicated to the centenary of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and focused on the issue of labour migration. Such a setting was perfect for the ILO to award the winners of the global media competition on labour migration and fair recruitment, which aims to encourage balanced reporting that also highlights the positive impact of migration.

The ILO received more than 250 entries from 72 countries. The competition’s reviewing committee had the difficult task of short-listing among numerous works. An independent panel composed of four prominent jurors selected the four winners in two thematic areas: labour migration and fair recruitment of migrant workers. In 2018 edition, two Argentinian journalists won in the first category for their multimedia essay ‘Las preguntas de Solomon’ (Solomon’s Questions). The authors are Migue Roth and Bruno Grappa, founders and directors of Espacio Angular, a narrative journalism platform. Their story reflects the odyssey of a Nigerian migrant looking for work in Argentina, an ocean away from his family and friends.

“This recognition was like an embrace from the ILO to us and our self-managed narrative journalism platform”, Roth said upon receiving the award.

The award ceremony was led by Pedro Américo Furtado de Oliveira, ILO’s Country Director for Argentina, together with Alejandra Marano, Director of Construir Cine, and Fiorella Canoni, National Director of Social Readaptation of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina. “The dialogue between these organizations allowed the emergence of stories that deserve to be told,” stated Canoni.

“It is an honour to participate in the opening of Construir Cine and deliver this award to Argentine journalists who were able to show the perspective of a migrant worker”, said Furtado de Oliveira, who also considered: “At the ILO, we pay special attention to all workers whose rights are not respected, particularly migrants, who must face higher risks, vulnerability and lack of social protection as a result of being displaced”.

Michelle Leighton, Chief of the ILO’s Labour Migration Branch, expressed that “the Global Media Competition on Labour Migration is one way for the ILO to encourage balanced reporting that also highlights the positive impact of migration when the labour rights of workers are protected and fair recruitment principles are in place.”

According to the ILO’s global estimates, currently 164 million people are migrant workers, 9 percent more than those registered in 2013, when the figure was 150 million. Migrant workers contribute to growth and development in their countries of destination, while countries of origin greatly benefit from their remittances and the skills acquired during their migration experience.

Since its inception, the ILO has decided to protect “the interests of workers employed abroad” (ILO Constitution, 1919, Preamble, Second Consideration) and has been a pioneer in the development of international standards to regulate labour migration.

The contest was organized in collaboration with the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Organization of Employers, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Federation of Journalists, Equal Times, Solidarity Center, Human Rights Watch, and Migrant Forum in Asia, as well as the International Training Centre of the ILO. This year’s contest was supported by the REFRAME and FAIR projects, as part of the ILO’s Fair Recruitment Initiative.