Fair recruitment

Data collection and analysis of labour related SDG targets: Social protection and recruitment cost indicators

The ILO Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration (REFRAME) project and ILO Achieving SDGs and ending poverty through Universal Social Protection Project organise a four-day training workshop on measuring and analysing key labour market SDGs with a special focus on social protection and recruitment costs.

The ILO and World Bank have collaborated to develop Guidelines for the Collection of Statistics for SDG indicator 10.7.1 (‘recruitment cost borne by employee as a proportion of monthly income earned in country of destination’). In view of the importance of data collection and reporting on SDG indicators, the ILO organized a training on data collation and analysis on key labour market SDGs. The training aimed to develop a common understanding of data needs, data use and its analysis through enhancing the capacity of 35 practitioners from SDG Units (federal and provincial); the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (federal and provincial); the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment; the Overseas Employment Corporation and other ILO constituents.

The participants were updated on recent developments in the area of labour migration statistics, and were introduced to non-conventional sampling techniques suitable for the measurement of recruitment cost indicators. The Guidelines jointly developed by the ILO and the World Bank for data collection on recruitment costs were shared, along with long, medium and short questionnaires for measuring the recruitment costs indicator.

The ILO experts exchanged regional experiences on how to strengthen the capacity of national statistical systems to produce internationally comparable statistics for the recruitment indicator on a regular basis. The workshop contributed to the production of a set of recommendations on feasible methods and survey approaches for measuring and monitoring recruitment costs in Pakistan.