Workshop on SDG indicator 10.7.1: Measuring recruitment costs

ILO and World Bank convene a workshop with national statistical offices to promote and discuss guidelines for the collection of statistics on SDG indicator 10.7.1

The ILO and World Bank have collaborated to develop Guidelines for the Collection of Statistics for SDG indicator 10.7.1 (‘recruitment cost borne by employee as a proportion of monthly income earned in country of destination’). The Guidelines were presented to experts from national statistical offices (NSOs) in September 2018, and finalised with the participants’ endorsement.

Convening in Istanbul, the workshop SDG indicator 10.7.1 has the following objectives:
a) to promote use of the Guidelines;
b) to discuss the draft outline of the Operational Manual to support implementation of the Guidelines;
c) to discuss the long, medium and short questionnaires drafted for measuring the recruitment costs indicator for comments;
d) to exchange experiences and views on how to strengthen the capacity of national statistical systems to produce internationally comparable statistics for the recruitment indicator on a regular basis;
e) to update participants about recent developments in the area of labour migration statistics; and
f) to introduce non-conventional sampling techniques suitable for the measurement of recruitment cost indicators.

The workshop is expected to produce a set of recommendations on feasible methods and survey approaches for measuring and monitoring recruitment costs and improve the proposed questionnaires and the outline of the operational manual to be developed.