Training on migration instruments and General Survey Report and Labour Migration Information Sharing Session

A two-day training on migration instruments for the 2016 General Survey Report and labour migration information sharing session was convened by the Lesotho Ministry of Labour. Over 60 participants from a range of ministries, international organisations (IOM, UNDP), social partners (NACOLA) attended the two days. Presentations from ILO specialists, the Lesotho Ministry of Labour, migrant workers' organisations, and social partners provided targeted information on how to respond to an ILO General Survey and what are the specificities of the ILO migration instruments. An action plan for Lesotho to finalise its report was adopted. More presentations were given on the second day on various aspects of Lesotho's Decent Work Country Programme priorities, labour migration policy globally and regionally, on progress in the Lesotho leg of the Migrant Domestic Workers Global Action Programme and on organisational challenges in mobilisation migrant workers in Lesotho.