Winners and finalists of the 2023 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

Winning entries provide outstanding and balanced reporting on labour migration, forced labour, and fair recruitment.

The ILO received more than 400 entries from 85 countries. An independent panel of five judges reviewed the entries based on the criteria of creativity, accuracy and balance, protection of migrants and positive portrayal of labour migration.

The competition aims to promote quality reporting on labour migration issues including forced labour, as balanced and ethical reporting play an important role in addressing stereotypes and misconceptions, as well as highlighting the positive contribution migrant workers make in their origin and destination countries.

After a rigorous review process, prizes have been awarded to the following winners in two categories:


  • Risk, rewards and remittances in Vietnam's Nghe An province, by Sen Nguyen, published in Al Jazeera (20 July 2023) – Professional prize
  • Harvesting Heat, by Sofía Álvarez Jurado, Claudia Colliva and Giada Cristal Santana Eusebio, published in Are We Europe (31 July 2023) – Professional prize
  • Too Hot To Work, by Tom Laffay, Jacob Templin, Justine Simons, Karif Wat, Ed Kashi, Aryn Baker, Elijah Wolfson and Diane Tsai, published in Context and TIME (15 November 2022) – Professional prize
  • Vulnerability of Indonesian Fishing Boat Crew to Exploitation, Violence, and Discrimination as an Effect of Dualism in Licensing [unpublished], by Annisa Zulfalia Az Zahra and Almira Khairunnisa Suhendra – Student prize


In addition to the prize-winners above, the panel of judges and the ILO would also like to recognize the following pieces which were considered finalists in the competition:

Abdul sí invierte en el campo español: cómo los migrantes están salvando al pastoreo de su final by Guillermo Cid Rodríguez, published in El Confidencial (15 January 2023) - Professional category

A small fuzzy fruit unveils modern slavery in Europe in 2023 by Charlotte Aagaard, Kusum Arora, Stefania Prandi and Francesca Cirulli, published in Danwatch (4 March 2023) - Professional category

La Raya, frontera de explotación laboral by Sergio Rodrigo, Lucía Muñoz Lucena, Andrei Stefan Balog and Cristina Cartelle, published in El Salto (9 September 2023) - Professional category

L'autre pays du fromage by Noémie Guignard, published in RTS (23 April 2023) - Professional category

Revealed: Amazon linked to trafficking of workers in Saudi Arabia by Pramod Acharya and Michael Hudson, published in The Guardian (10 October 2023) - Professional category

Vital and Invisible, the plight of undocumented Filipino domestic workers in the Netherlands by Sarah Haaij and Michael Beltran, published in Vrij Nederland (18 May 2023) - Professional category

McDonald’s and Chuck E Cheese tied to alleged foreign worker exploitation by Katie McQue and Pramod Acharya, published in The Guardian (10 October 2023) - Professional category

Las centroamericanas que cuidan a España by Andrea Burgos and Lya Cuellar, published in Alharaca (21 March 2023) - Professional category

Turkey: Women in migration by Berdibaeva Aigerim, published in Kyrgyz Service Radio Liberty (7 November 2022) - Professional category

Protecting Migrant Domestic Workers by Pauline Ongaji Ogada, published in Foreign Policy (10 January 2023) - Professional category

Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic suffer amid U.S. embargo on Central Romana by John Leos, published in Cronkite News (4 August 2023) - Professional category

En banlieue lyonnaise, une intégration qui fait recette by Clément Gousseau, – Student category

Dossier sur la migration by Abdoulaye Gueye, published in Soundcloud - Student category

The ILO recognizes the quality of the competition entries submitted. However, the responsibility for opinions expressed and names and terms used in the competition entries rests solely with their authors, and reproduction of the entries does not constitute an endorsement by the ILO of the opinions expressed and names and terms used in them.