Інспекція праці та незадекларована праця в ЄС

Публікація присвячена ролі національних систем інспекції праці в ЄС у рамках стратегічної політики реагування на наявність незадекларованої праці.

This comparative study aims to fill the gap of knowledge within labour inspectorates on how to deal effectively against fraud, undeclared work and challenges in the informal economy. The study concludes with a set of Conclusions and Recommendations that should encourage future research and activities in this difficult area.

It is our hope that the current comparative study will assist policy makers to better understand the factors for improving their own labour inspection systems by offering a review of selected national good practices and strategies for combatting undeclared work.

This study is funded partly by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity - PROGRESS (2007-2013), which is implemented by the European Commission. It was established to financially support the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the employment, social affairs and equal opportunities area, and thereby contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategy goals in these fields.