Labour inspection audit - Joint outcome on labour inspection

Technical Memorandum: the Syrian Arab Republic

The purpose of this audit was to establish a joint action plan, with the government, for modernizing and strengthening the capacities of the labour inspection system in Syria within the framework of the ILO conventions on labour inspection.

This audit of the labour inspection system in the Syrian Arab Republic, which comes under the inter-regional technical cooperation project “Enhancing labour inspection effectiveness”, implemented by the ILO and financed by the Norwegian Government, was carried out in September 2009 at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, which is responsible for labour inspection in the country.

Working on this audit included visiting the main concerned governmental institutions, the workers’ and employers’ organizations and the regional labour inspectorates in addition to interviewing a number of labour and occupational safety and health inspectors and directors and revising the main related legislations.

This audit report represents a snapshot of the existing labour inspection system in Syria, highlights some strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations related to matters such as the structure and function, human resources development, occupational safety and health, and coordination and cooperation among the different concerned agencies. If these agencies are considered, they are expected to enhance the effectiveness of the labour inspection system as one of the main tools for protecting labour and human rights and ensuring decent working conditions in the country.

The assistance and cooperation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour officials facilitated the completion of this audit. The social partners and the General Organization for Social Insurance also enriched this audit with the information they provided.