Labour Inspection in Italy

The labour inspection system in Italy has undergone substantial changes. It had to adapt to the economic and social circumstances characterised by changes in the labour market and in the employment relationship and it had to respond in a more efficient way by ensuring compliance through preventive measures, advice and detection of labour legislation infractions.

This study deals with the various aspects of the labour inspection reform in Italy: the changes in the labour inspection legislation, the re-organisation of the labour administration system, the purpose of labour inspection services today, how labour inspectors ensure compliance with labour legislation, the nature of sanctions and remedies, the way labour inspection helps to improve labour legislation, the issues that labour inspection services oversee, the main modern principles to guide labour inspection, the “new” obligations that labour inspectors have, including their powers; and how a labour inspection visit is performed, how labour inspection cooperates with other administrative units and the role that social partners play in improving the delivery of labour inspection services. These and many other aspects of labour inspection are analysed in this study.