Technical Memorandum: South Africa

This needs assessment of South Africa's labour administration was carried out in the context of the ILO-Norway project "Strengthening Labour Inspection Services" (INT/09/62/NOR).

The overall aim of the assessment was to assist South Africa to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its labour administration services and draw up a series of recommendations for the implementation of such improvements. The collection of both qualitative and quantitative data was conducted through interviews and sought to gather information regarding the present state of the labour inspection system. Using the assessment methodology, the ILO team interviewed representatives from the Department of Labour (DoL), Provincial Offices and Labour Centres and met representatives of the Employers' Organisations and Trade Unions. The ILO team also interviewed the management of key parastatal organizations and visited the Cape Town University.

The report contains preliminary recommendations for consideration by the DoL and the social partners on certain aspects of the country's labour administration system, with a special focus on restructuring of the Head Office, the functioning of labour inspection and the administration of public employment services.

This report was preceded by an ILO technical note of November 2009, attached to this Memorandum. It addresses the role of Ministries of Labour in the government and their interaction with other government departments. It is hoped that the recommendations of the ILO will be considered in the context of these broader reforms at both national and provincial levels. Follow-up activities, based on this Memorandum, will be envisaged between the ILO and DoL.