HealthWISE - Biological hazards and infection control, with special reference to HIV and TB

The Module 3 of the Action Manual focuses on biological hazards to which health workers are exposed during the course of their work, and examines biological risk and infection control, emphasizing the importance of standard precautions with a particular focus on HIV and TB.

HealthWISE stands for Work Improvement in Health Services. Developed jointly by ILO and WHO, it is based on the ILO WISE methodology (Work Improvement in Small Enterprises), which has been successfully applied for more than 20 years in 45 countries and adapted to several economic sectors.

The objectives of Module 3 are to:
ƒƒ1) Identify what are biohazards and the risks of transmission.
ƒƒ2) Highlight the importance of effective measures for infection control.
ƒƒ3) Provide practical guidance on the effective prevention and management of biohazards.