Guide to mainstreaming gender in workplace responses to HIV and AIDS

This tool is intended to provide guidance on mainstreaming gender in world of work-related initiatives addressing HIV. It is designed for a wide range of stakeholders, especially ILO constituents – governments, and employers' and workers' organizations – as well as ILO staff and partners.

This guide is organized into four sections:
➤ The first section explains key gender concepts and provides relevant examples from excerpts of a workplace policy on HIV prevention, a background description and activities list from a project document, and a progress report on a project.
➤ The second section summarizes the links between gender inequality and HIV and AIDS risks and vulnerabilities, as well as ways that women and men, girls and boys are affected differently by the epidemic.
➤ The third section provides a checklist on issues to take into account when preparing key documents in the design phase of a project since this is the most critical phase for mainstreaming gender before subsequent implementation and evaluation.
➤ The fourth and final section explains the reasons for establishing a workplace policy on HIV and AIDS and the elements within such policies. Examples of gender-responsive text within each element are provided.