HIV/AIDS and child labour in Sub-Saharan Africa: A synthesis report. Paper No. 6

This report draws together major findings from the four country RAs, placing them within a broader, state-of-the-art review of information from across Sub-Saharan Africa regarding what is known about the relationships between HIV/AIDS and child labour. The analysis provides the most complete review to date of available information concerning the impact of HIV/AIDS on child labour and the risks of HIV/AIDS infection for working children. Section 2 analyses the socio-economic context within which the HIV/AIDS pandemic and child labour must be seen. Section 3 discusses the evidence of linkages between HIV/AIDS and child labour, including that generated by the RAs. Section 4 summarizes the RA recommendations and provides suggestions for priority action. Appendices include additional information about the methodologies and approaches of the four country RAs and a summary of issues raised during an ILO/IPEC workshop in May 2003, at which the findings from the RAs were presented.