HIV/AIDS and child labour in Zambia: A rapid assessment on the case of the Lusaka, Copperbelt and Eastern Provinces. Paper No. 5

This rapid assessment examined correlations between the HIV/AIDS pandemic and child labour in Zambia. The report aims at: assessing the extent to which HIV/AIDS has had an impact on child labour, both directly and indirectly; analysing the impact of HIV/AIDS-related child labour on the welfare of children in terms of their health, education, etc; assessing gender issues related to HIV/AIDS, as well as analysing the coping or survival strategies of girls and boys, including AIDS orphans; assessing the child labourers’ awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS; and generating data that could assist policy and intervention strategies on behalf of child labourers. This research was conducted in three provinces: Copperbelt, Eastern, and Lusaka. The sample included 306 child labourers: 211 boys and 95 girls in 5 to 16-year age group.