Green jobs activities in Latin America

The promotion of green jobs in Latin America initiated in Brazil – a country that has shown a strong interest in environmental issues and their linkages to social challenges. In recent years, many other countries in the region have followed this example with successful green jobs experiences documented, among others, in Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Mexico, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago. The most recent activities are presented below:
  1. Brazil: Green Jobs in the forestry sector

    ILO activities in Brazil focus on the creation of green jobs in the forestry sector. Technical support on green jobs started in 2009 with the promotion of solar heating systems in the social housing programme “minha casa, minha vida”.

  2. Mexico: Green jobs assessment

    A national green jobs assessment conducted with the technical assistance of the ILO informs policy makers and social partners about the potential to create green jobs.

  3. Central America and Dominican Republic: Occupational training for green jobs

    The ILO project FOIL (Fortalecimiento de sistemas integrados de Formación, Orientación e Inserción Laboral) supported TVET institutions in Central America in developing learning standards and curricula for green jobs.

  4. Peru: Towards an economy with inclusive green growth

    In Peru, project activities under the framework of PAGE aim to contribute to the development of policies and strategies to build a green economy with green jobs creation.

  5. Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago: Capacity Building for Green Jobs Promotion

    ILO support in both countries has focused on capacity development.

  6. Chile: Social Dialogue for Green Jobs Promotion

    Green jobs promotion in Chile has focussed on various sector, such as recycling and waste management, forestry and renewable energy.

  7. Latin America and the Caribbean: System for Integrated Measurement and Improvement of Productivity (SIMAPRO)

    The ILO programme SIMAPRO, implemented in a wide number of Latin American countries, has started to incorporate environmental concerns into its methodologies and approaches with the ultimate aim to increase productivity while reducing the impact on the environment.

  8. Latin America and the Caribbean: The Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (CINTERFOR)

    The Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (CINTERFOR) promotes environmental concerns as a cross-cutting competency in professional education.

  9. Dominican Republic: Green Jobs in the Banana Industry

    A Joint UN Programme, focussing on the banana value chain in the Dominican Republic, promotes environmental practices among banana producers.

  10. Latin America and the Caribbean: Training on sustainable development and green jobs

    The ILO developed a learning course on sustainable development and green jobs especially targeted at trade union representatives.