Zambia: Green Jobs in the building construction sector

The joint UN project “Enhancing Competitiveness and Sustainable Business Among MSMEs in building Constructions” aims to create sustainable and green jobs among micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Zambian building construction industry.

The Zambia Green Jobs Programme seeks to unlock the green jobs creation potential of Zambia’s building construction industry by enhancing the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) based on principles of sustainable enterprises that balance economic, social and environmental objectives. The Programme will contribute to the use of green building materials including sustainably produced timber during construction as well as promote energy and water efficiency during the operation and maintenance life cycle phase of the buildings or houses in Zambia. By targeting MSMEs along the entire value chain, the project aims to create at least 5,000 decent green jobs as well as improve the quality of at least 2,000 existing jobs in the MSME sector, particularly for women and youth entrepreneurs, which in turn will improve the incomes of at least 8,000 households belonging to families directly depending on the building construction sector. This USD12 million four-year programme (2013-2017) is implemented in North Western, Copperbelt, Central and Southern Provinces of Zambia by local government institutions, financial institutions, business development service providers and associations of small scale contractors with technical support from a consortium of five UN agencies led by the ILO and financial support from the Government of Finland.

The inception phase of the project started in June 2012.

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