News, articles and events on Green Jobs

  1. Partnership for Action on Green Economy

    Making the green economy the new status quo

    23 July 2018

    During the UN High-Level Political Forum 2018, Guy Ryder spoke about the employment potential emerging from action action against climate change.

  2. Training

    Green Jobs training in Iran

    18 July 2018

    Between 26 and 28 June 2018, the ILO Green Jobs Programme delivered a Green Jobs Training to more than 70 participants from government agencies, social partners and civil societies in Teheran, Iran.

  3. Event

    ILO at the 2018 United Nations Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  4. Speech

    Sustainable development is not a choice, but the only way

    06 July 2018

    ILO Viet Nam Director, Chang-Hee Lee, made the speech at the celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives in Hanoi on 7 July 2018.

  5. Partnership for Action on Green Economy

    PAGE Ministerial Conference 2018: Advancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economies

    Being hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa, the Third PAGE Ministerial Conference will take place at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town from 10 to 11 January 2019, and highlight and celebrate drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship through inclusivity in advancing green industries for a better and more sustainable future for all.

  6. Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators

    Redesol - Building sustainable and solidary links among waste pickers in the informal economy in Brazil

    20 June 2018

    "Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators" is a series of interviews with cooperative leaders from around the world with whom ILO officials have crossed paths during the course of their work with cooperatives. For this issue ILO interviewed Ms Sonia Dias, Waste Picker Sector Specialist at Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) on Redesol, a network of cooperatives of waste pickers in Brazil.

  7. 107th International Labour Conference

    ILO tripartism “a most potent antidote” to negative political trends and discourse

    08 June 2018

    World parliament of labour heads for ground-breaking new standards on violence at work and supports renewed push for gender equality.

  8. © Anne-Mette Jensen 2018

    World Environment Day

    ILO Director-General: Keep our planet safe, clean and fit for work

    05 June 2018

    The ILO joins the international community in marking World Environment Day, placing the spotlight this year on how we can beat plastic pollution.

  9. Trade union agenda for social dialogue in mining sector

    Trade Union workshop on Just Transition Guidelines of ILO for Sustainable Economies and Societies for All: Trade union agenda and proposals for social dialogue in mining sector

    The training workshop is aimed at building technical capacities of workers’ organizations in the Philippines on “Just Transition Guidelines of ILO for Sustainable Economies & Societies for All: Trade Union agenda & proposals for social dialogue in mining sector”.

  10. Our impact, their voices

    Boosting Cambodian workers’ competitive edge with green and safety competencies

    04 June 2018

    Anticipating the skills needed for the transition to greener economies is one of the many actions called for by a recent report of the ILO. Cambodian vocational education schools have started to introduce ‘green’ and occupational safety and health competencies in their course with the support of the ILO.