The Ministry of Labour of Argentina promotes strategies for green jobs and just transition

Throught the UN Partnership Action on Green Economy, the ILO has worked closely with the Ministry of Labour of Argentina in supporting green jobs and a just transition.

News | 30 September 2022
After two years of intensive work within the frame of the Partnership Action on Green Economy (PAGE Argentina), a multi-agency programme led by ILO in the country, the Ministry of Labour of Argentina has now included a set of assessments and instruments developed for green jobs promotion and social dialogue on just transition in its dedicated platform (“Portal Empleo”) for employment promotion.

The documents, developed in a tripartite participatory manner through the PAGE programme under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour, offer policymakers, public officers and social stakeholders an access to the topics related to the transition of the Argentine economy towards sustainability as a means of green recovery of the current crisis.

While the National Assessment of Green Jobs estimates a potential of about 800 thousand current green jobs (7% of the formal employment) in the country and much more through process of formalization, the report on Green Recovery for Argentina contains five qualitative studies that seek to improve the regulatory framework and active policies for a socially just transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Most relevant, the Roadmap towards a National Green Jobs Promotion catches upon the other works under ILO PAGE Argentina, among them a set of Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) scenarios on the quantitative and qualitative labour impact of the Argentine Nationally Determined Contributions(NDCs) to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plans, as it summarizes studies on the economic and labor context, simulation and analysis of green employment scenarios and a review of the greening of current Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs).

“This is an effective and operational tool for current policies and for those that must be generated in the country's labor market from a sustainability perspective”, underlines Mr. Leonardo Di Pietro, Secretary of Employment and National Focal Point to the PAGE programme.

The new site also includes a set of qualitative instruments and assessments made for the promotion of a tripartite social dialogue on just transition. The ILO, through the PAGE Argentina, conducted three in-depth dialogues and more than 150 interviews with social partners in order to draw up a first position paper on the main just transition related challenges identified by tripartite partners of the country.

“These studies that have been elaborated through a participatory process involving our constituents and other ministries as well as universities and other institutions confirmed our common vision towards promoting a green economy. The process of just transition should maximise the positive impact on the labour market and minimise the negative impact on workers’ rights,” says Mrs. Yukiko Arai, Director of the ILO Country Office in Argentina.