ILO GREEN WEEK: Towards a green future of work

Celebrating the centenary of the ILO, the Green Week features exhibitions, dialogues with practitioners, innovators, and strategic partners and a presentation of programmes and initiatives of the ILO in the field of environmental sustainability.

Exhibition - Greening with jobs: The ILO in Action

This exhibition takes place at the headquarters’ colonnades throughout the week and will feature pictures and images of ILO’s engagement in the area of sustainability. The exhibition will also present achievements in greening development cooperation projects in various areas.

Meeting the ILO Strategic Partners

Global challenges require globally coordinated responses. The ILO actively promotes social justice and decent work in a number of joint programmes and initiatives intended to sum up specialized expertise to tackle pressing environmental, social and economic issues. This series of discussions brings ILO strategic partners to present and debate areas of collaboration.

Meeting the Green Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought about how ideas become successful innovative businesses that are not only financially viable but also promote sustainable development? This series of discussions will put you face-to-face with green entrepreneurs who will share their experience, lessons learnt and their aspirations to contribute to a greener future. Meet the Green Entrepreneurs 2019

World Environment Day 2019

This day is dedicated to raising awareness among ILO staff to help them gain a sense of their individual environmental footprint and what they can do about it.

International Conference: Boosting Skills for a Just Transition and the Future of Work

ILO Global Policy Forum on Just Transition towards Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies for All – “Boosting Skills for a Just Transition and the Future of Work”.

My One Vegetarian Day

The ILO cafeteria will offer vegetarian menu as “primary menu”, and non-vegetarian as “side menu” for one day. The offer will include world dishes, drawing on the rich culinary experiences of ILO member States.

To register for activities on Monday 3 June, 2019 and Tuesday 4 June, 2019 please register here.