Bonn Climate Change Conference

First-Ever Training on How to Analyze Potential Economic Consequences of Emission Reductions

In the framework of the Bonn Climate Change Conference organized by the UNFCCC, the ILO has supported the organization of the training in partnership with UN Climate Change Secretariat and UN Environment, which took place on 5 May 2018.

News | 08 May 2018
The ILO welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the In-forum training workshop on the use of economic modelling tools related to economic diversification and just transition of workforce and creation of decent work and quality jobs. Understanding the nature and scale of social and employment impacts is critical for informed policies and higher ambition on climate action. By providing technical inputs on assessment tools and modelling approaches that are available and have been tested in some countries, the ILO hopes that Parties have gained a better sense of tools and support programmes at their disposal to advance the mandate on response measures under the Paris Agreement.

To read more, see the UNFCCC Article .