International conference on green jobs country assessments

Members and partners of the Green Jobs Assessment Institutions Network (GAIN) gathered to discuss how greener economies can create more and better jobs.

The 2-day event brought together GAIN members from 15 countries, key policy makers as well as researchers and technical experts from the ILO and other international organizations.

Discussions focussed on (i) the methodological approaches, (ii) the comparison of output and employment multipliers of conventional and green industries and (iii) the projections of investment and policy scenarios. Based on the assessment results, the implications and options for green jobs policies will be discussed by engaging with policy-makers.

In the spirit of South-South cooperation, countries currently conducting green jobs assessments explored ways for stronger cooperation, contributing therewith to the capacity of national institutions for evidence-based green jobs policy dialogues.

The conference is part of ILO’s efforts to strengthen and scale-up technical support and policy advice on green jobs.

A global workshop dedicated to assessments and related policy implications was held in Turin in March 2013. The workshop marked the beginning of an international exchange on this subject matter.

Since its inception in 2008, ILO’s Green Jobs Programme has undertaken and assisted green jobs assessments in a variety of countries.