Multimedia on Green Jobs

  1. Building green, boosting jobs, bettering lives in Zambia

    07 December 2015

    Faced with unemployment, especially among women and youth, high levels of inequality and poverty, and environmental issues the government of Zambia launched a Green Jobs Programme in 2013. (Closed Captions available)

  2. From Waste to Green Jobs

    04 December 2015

    Recycling in Albania: Waste management and recycling have become important pillars in the construction of the green economy. They offer a wide variety of job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

  3. Cyril Cosme, Director of ILO's office in France, discusses green jobs on FranceTV's Soir 3 (french)

    30 October 2015

    Cyril Cosme, Director of ILO's office in France, discusses green jobs on FranceTV's Soir 3. He said, " the response to climate change can be a real opportunity for employment. [ ... ] In our studies , it is estimated that could create up to 15 to 60 million jobs."

  4. Sustainable Development and Climate Change: What challenges and opportunities for Unions?

    09 October 2015

    The ILO hosted the Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs from 5 to 9 October 2015.The following is an interview with Ms. Rulita Wijayaningdyah, General Secretary of the Indonesian Forestry and Allied Workers Union, who expressed her views about the challenges and opportunities for Unions towards an environmental sustainable economy.

  5. ILO ensuring a “just transition” to sustainable economy

    09 October 2015

    Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo is the Minister of Labour, Human Resources and Social Security and former Minister of the Environment for Barbados. She recently chaired a tripartite meeting of experts on the subject of transitioning towards environmentally sustainable economies. In this interview she talks to ILO News about the work of the expert meeting and the ILO on preparing for the shift to a more sustainable world.

  6. Kenya: The Green Jobs Hackathon

    02 October 2015

    The Green Jobs hackathon forum targeted selected MSMEs in the green building construction industry to develop innovative solutions and create synergies for enhancing sustainability and employment creation in the building and construction industry in Kenya. It came about the success of the Eco Manyatta project.

  7. Kenya: Green jobs creation through eco manyattas

    01 October 2015

    The adverse effects of deforestation that occurs in the building and construction of pastoralist homes in Kenya has direct impacts on the health and environment of these communities. Arid climate conditions and extreme weather events only exacerbate the problems of local development. The Eco Manyatta project enhances the living standards of these pastoral communities through green jobs creation in the construction of eco-friendly manyattas.

  8. Solomon Islands: Cash for work helps natural disaster recovery

    22 July 2015

    Climate change directly affects lives around the world, especially as extreme weather events become more common. In the Solomon Islands, villages were washed away when heavy torrential rains, caused two rivers to burst their banks. The ILO's Cash for Work program helps the government, and workers from those communities restore their villages and livelihoods.

  9. Parallel Session on Water and Jobs at the 4th Conference on Regulating for Decent Work

    08 July 2015

  10. Behind the scenes: The making of the Pharrell Williams’ video address on green jobs

    29 June 2015

    International music sensation Pharrell Williams, in a video address to the ILO's World of Work Summit, called on the international community to tackle climate change and ensure young people and the planet have a sustainable future. Here’s the making of the video.