Call for solutions

Put your ideas to work against climate change

As world leaders prepare to meet in Paris for a historic conference on climate change, we want to hear your ideas and initiatives for protecting the environment while creating more and better jobs for the world.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Building a sustainable future will require transforming whole sectors of the world’s economy while at the same time creating over 280 million new jobs over the coming years to absorb a surging population and protect people.

We know that it’s possible. There is mounting evidence to suggest that we could create significantly more jobs in a low-carbon economy than by sticking to “business-as -usual”. But how can we ensure that those are decent jobs? How can we turn the challenges of climate change into opportunities for shared prosperity?

Share your solutions by downloading this short questionnaire and emailing it back to: The best submissions will be included in ILO’s contribution to the “Agenda of Solutions” at COP21.

To find out what we’re already doing to help create better, greener jobs, read the brief: “Decent Jobs in a Safe Climate: ILO Solutions for Climate Action”.

For further information, visit our web page on Climate Change and Jobs.

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