The ILO's Green Jobs Global Team

The ILO works through a team of specialists at headquarters and in the field offices. Beyond the green jobs specialists, a Global Green Jobs Network engages technical specialists in other policy areas to promote environmental sustainability in the context of Decent Work.

Programme's global inbox
Geneva headquarters
  1. Moustapha Kamal Gueye - Coordinator Green Jobs Programme
  2. Karin Isaksson - Green Jobs Specialist
  3. Marek Harsdorff - Green Jobs Specialist
  4. Dorit Kemter - Technical Officer
  5. Anna-Maria Fyfe - Communications Officer
  6. Mangeye Terumalai - Administrative Assistant
  1. Aminata Maiga - Senior Specialist in Environment and Decent Work (Cameroon)
  2. Cheickh Badiane - Enterprise Development and Job Creation Specialist (Senegal)
  3. Constatin Yebe - Programme Officer (Congo)
  4. Jealous Chirove - Employment Specialist (Tanzania)
  5. Alice Mwaisaka - National Project Coordinator (Kenya)
  6. Tapera Muzira - Chief Technical Advisor (Zambia)
  7. Jens Dyring Christensen - Senior Enteprise Development Specialist (South Africa)
  8. Nombàna Solofoarimanga Razafinisoa - Programme Officer (Madagascar)
Asia and the Pacific
  1. Lurraine Villacorta - Environment and Decent Work Specialist (Thailand)
  2. Jie Zhou - National Project Officer (China)
  3. Shahabuddin Khan - Programme Officer (Bangladesh)
  4. Georgina Pascual - Project Technical Officer (Philippines)
Arab States
  1. Shaza Al Jundi - National Programme Officer (Lebanon) 
  2. Amal Mowafy - Chief Technical Advisor (Egypt) 
  1. Alvaro Ramirez - Senior Specialist in Enterprise Development and Professional Training (Costa Rica)
  2. Paulo Sergio Muçouçah - Coordinator of Decent Work and Green Jobs Programmes (Brazil) 
  3. Kelvin Sergeant - Sustainable Enterprise and Job Creation Specialist (Trinidad and Tobago)
  1. Alice Vozza - Green Jobs Specialist (ITC-ILO, Italy)
  2. Mauricio Dierckxsens - Employment and Skills Specialist (Hungary)
  3. Jovan Protic - National Coordinator (Serbia)