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    Self employed taxi, Grab, Uber drivers to be covered under employment injury scheme.

    29 April 2017

    MARAN, Malaysia: Some 100,000 self-employed taxi, Uber and Grab drivers will be covered under the Employment Injury Scheme after the Senate passed the Self Employment Social Security Bill 2017.

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    ILO revises its landmark Declaration on multinational enterprises

    17 March 2017

    The ILO has revised its landmark MNE Declaration on multinational enterprises and social policy, which provides guidance on how companies can contribute to the realization of decent work for all.

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    Intensifying Efforts for Employees Compensation Scheme, Workers Welfare

    13 December 2016

    As the clamour for the amendment of the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund Act beyond the Employees Compensation Scheme at the National Assembly heightens, the NSITF has intensified lobbying across state governments to key into the scheme.

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    Press release

    Compensation arrangement agreed for victims of the Ali Enterprise factory fire in Pakistan

    10 September 2016

    An ILO enabled agreement has been reached on compensation for victims of the 2012 Ali Enterprises garment factory in Baldia, Karachi.

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    ILO Statement

    ILO to coordinate compensation process for victims of Ali Enterprises’ tragedy

    26 May 2016

    The ILO will facilitate compensation for workers injured in a 2012 factory fire in Karachi, Pakistan.

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    Bangladesh: The Rana Plaza Coordination Committee announce that sufficient funds now available to complete payments under the Rana Plaza arrangement

    08 June 2015

    The Rana Plaza Coordination Committee are delighted to announce that the $30million target required in the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has been met, following a large anonymous donation received in the last few days.

    ILO country office in Bangladesh

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    Social Protection

    Palestinian Authority to adopt private sector social security scheme by 2015

    02 December 2013

    The National Social Security Committee has unveiled a proposed social security scheme covering pensions, and maternity and employment injury benefits to be financed by both employers and workers