Watch the launch of the Global Commission on the Future of Work

The Prime Minister of Sweden and President of Mauritius launch an international body to tackle the fundamental questions posed by a rapidly transforming world of work.

This event launched the Global Commission on the Future of Work, a body of 20 experts who will come together to tackle the fundamental question of how a rapidly transofmring world of work should be organized so that it responds to the values of social justice.

During the event, the names of the Commission members were announced by the Commission's co-chairpeople: President of Maritius Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven.

  1. Inception Report

    The Inception Report provides an overview of the mega trends currently transforming the world of work as well as the main issues dealt with in the four “centenary conversations” discussed during national dialogues on the future of work.