Publications on forced labour

January 2004

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    Bonded Labour in agriculture: a rapid assessment in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan

    03 January 2004

    This Working Paper is one of a series of Rapid Assessments of bonded labour in Pakistan, each of which examines a different economic sector. The aim of these studies is to inform the implementation of the Government of Pakistan’s National Policy and Plan of Action for the Abolition of Bonded Labour, adopted in 2001. Maliha Hussein and her collaborators were responsible for preparation of this paper on bonded labour in the agriculture sector in Sindh and Balochistan provinces. It should be read in conjunction with a companion paper that covers Punjab and North West Frontier Province.

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    Forced Labour: Definition, Indicators and Measurement

    03 January 2004

    This paper represents a first step to estimate the global magnitude of forced labour. It describes the various forms of forced labour in existence, reviews available indicators of forced labour, summarises and discusses some methods that have been used for measurement, and provides some guidance for future work on the subject.

August 2003

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    Developing Better Indicators of Human Trafficking

    01 August 2003

    Although combating human trafficking has become a growing political priority for many governments around the world, available information about the magnitude of the problem remains very limited. One of the biggest gaps in our understanding of trafficking is in the area of statistics and data collection. Despite the growing literature on human trafficking, much of the information on the actual number of persons trafficked is unclear and relatively few studies are based on extensive research.

March 2002

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    Human traffic human rights: redefining victim protection

    01 March 2002

    This report looks at measures taken to protect trafficked people in ten different countries: Belgium, Colombia, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.

June 2001

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    Bonded labour in Pakistan

    01 June 2001

    This paper, based upon interviews with Government and non-governmental sources in Pakistan, as well as a survey of several thousand sharecropping tenant families in rural Sindh, was written as background material for the first ILO Global Report under the Declaration Follow-Up on the subject of Forced Labour.

May 2001

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    Stopping forced labour : global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work. Report of the Director-General, 2001

    08 May 2001

January 2001

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    Stopping Forced Labour

    01 January 2001

    Forced Labour is universally condemned. Yet the elimination of its numerous forms — old and new, ranging from slavery and debt bondage to trafficking in human beings — remains one of the most complex challenges facing local communities, national governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations and the international community. Tackling this denial of human freedom calls for multidimensional solutions to address the disparate forms that forced labour takes.

January 2000

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    UN Palermo Protocol

    01 January 2000

    Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children, supplementing the United Nations convention against transnational organized crime