Publications on forced labour

March 2008

  1. Meeting document

    Report I(B): Global Report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

    12 March 2008

    Freedom of association in practice: Lessons learned

February 2008

  1. Publication

    ILO action against trafficking in human beings

    12 February 2008

    In its many projects and advocacy activities, the ILO addresses trafficking from a labour market perspective. It thereby seeks to eliminate the root causes, such as poverty, lack of employment and inefficient labour migration systems. ILO led responses involve labour market institutions, such as public employment services, labour inspectors and labour ministries. Moreover, as a tripartite organisation, the ILO consults and involves workers’ and employers’ organisations in its work. This paper serves to outline ILO’s major areas of intervention, some lessons learned and further references.

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    Forced labour and trafficking in Europe: how people are trapped in, live through and come out

    11 February 2008

    The paper is based on ILO research carried out between 2003 and 2007. It summarizes largely qualitative research from ten European source, transit and destination countries. It is therefore the result of a collective effort of researchers from many countries. The purpose of this project was to close a gap in current research that exists up to today: Most trafficking-related research, in particular primary research, focuses on trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Other forms of trafficking, such as those linked to forced labour in labour-intensive economic sectors, are still under-researched and under-theorized.

January 2008

  1. Meeting document

    Forced Labor: Critical Issues For US Business Leaders

    28 January 2008

    Background paper prepared for conference on "Engaging Business: Addressing Forced Labor", Atlanta, Georgia, February 20, 2008. Written by Roger Plant, Special Action Program to Combat Forced Labour, ILO, Geneva, Switzerland

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    "Engaging Business: Addressing Forced Labor" - AGENDA

    28 January 2008

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    28 January 2008

    Background Paper

  4. Meeting document

    ILO panel on “Supply Chain Management – Eliminating the Risks of Forced Labour and Trafficking”

    28 January 2008


  5. Meeting document

    ILO panel on “The Roles of Employers’ Organisations, Businesses and Trade Unions in Combating Trafficking for Labour Exploitation”

    28 January 2008


  6. Meeting document

    ILO workshop on “Demand for Forced Labour and Sexual Exploitation – How and Why it Fuels Human Trafficking”

    28 January 2008


  7. Publication

    Temporary Contract Labour in the Gulf States: Perspectives from two countries of origin

    24 January 2008

    A summary paper based on studies commissioned by the International Labour Office for the Gulf Forum on Temporary Contractual Labour