IOE-ILO guidance note on the 2014 Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930

Short note jointly produced by the ILO and IOE to support the employer/business engagement to implement the Forced Labour Protocol

Dear Members, Colleagues and Partner Companies,

As you are aware, the 2014 International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted a Protocol which complements the 1930 Forced Labour Convention. Its purpose is to take a more comprehensive approach to forced labour by addressing prevention, protection and remedy, as well as to abolish human trafficking that results in forced labour. The accompanying Recommendation provides technical guidance to ILO member States for implementing the Protocol.

Both the Protocol and the Recommendation are highly relevant for companies, who have a strong business interest in not being linked to forced or compulsory labour, especially in the context of their supply chain.

The IOE has therefore jointly produced with the ILO a short note to support the employer/business engagement in this area of work. The note may be downloaded via the link in the side panel.

The current session of the ILO Governing Body (30 October - 13 November) has on its agenda a discussion to follow up on the outcomes of the 2014 ILC, including these new instruments, which is anticipated to lead to a decision on the development of an ILO action plan, as well as on resource mobilisation for its implementation. As constituents of the ILO, the Employers' group supported by the IOE will contribute to the development of this framework for action to effectively advance the agenda for the elimination of all forms of forced labour.

We hope you will find the guidance useful in your engagements and will keep you posted on further developments. If you have any questions or comments, please contact my Adviser on Forced Labour, Ms Amelia Espejo (please see side panel for contact details.)

Kind regards,
Brent H. Wilton
5 November 2014