ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour

The Global Business Network on Forced Labour is a collaborative forum convened by the ILO for companies, employer organizations, and business networks to come together with the ultimate aim of leveraging comparative advantages and collective action towards the elimination of forced labour and human trafficking.

Forced labour and human trafficking persist despite the proliferation of public and private initiatives to combat the issues. They are an epidemic that constrain the positive economic and social progress that businesses can drive and no employer anywhere wishes to be associated with these crimes. Yet there is a need to recognize that conventional supply chain approaches fail to reach most firms globally, that companies of all sizes continue to have difficulty in determining how to most effectively take action, and that no single instrument, stakeholder, or leverage point can deliver large scale transformative change across sectors and geographies.

A collective approach is urgently needed to bring business and employers together in a structured and inclusive way to advance collaboration at the global and country levels, while supporting the call for a broader-based, expanded response which tackles the structural issues undermining progress and threatening sustainability.

Key Focus Areas

Coordination and Collaboration: Create space for membership networks, industry coalitions and businesses of all sizes to work together on improving how initiatives are coordinated while fostering a culture of inclusive collaboration to build on and continuously develop subject-matter and industry expertise.

Catalyzing Innovation: Identify, invest in and promote the approaches and tools needed to translate ideas into action at scale by small enterprises in high-risk sectors and geographies.

Structural Change: Support business to play a more active role in national policy and program formulation so as to promote a coherent response across agencies, sectors and geographies and to keep the structural issues that undermine progress and threaten sustainability in focus.

Get Involved

As a business-only network membership is open to firms of all size and sector, as well as Employer’s and Business Membership Organizations (EBMO) including industry trade groups and sectoral associations. Other initiatives led by business and with complementary mandates and expertise wanting to support the initiative may qualify for recognition as Official Partners.

By joining the ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour, all members and partners will be called upon to make a commitment:
  • to reject forced labour and human trafficking and call on all personnel/business partners/members to share this commitment;
  • to advocate for a more comprehensive, coordinated, and expanded response;
  • to uphold the principle of inclusive leadership and collaboration.
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Alliance 8.7

In providing an interface for business with the Alliance 8.7, the ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour will serve as a vehicle for the private-sector to make recognized contributions towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, Target 8.7: Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and by 2025 end child labour in all its forms.

Where objectives are aligned and as appropriate, the Global Business Network on Forced Labour will provide support to take forward specific actions identified for work by the Alliance 8.7 Supply Chains Working Group, and stands together with this entity in recognizing the value of local ownership and a strong focus on country level action with governments in the driving seat.

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