News on forced labour

December 2009

  1. Workshop "The employment of Chinese migrant workers in UK: issues and solutions"

    Event organized by the University of Nottingham and the ILO, as part of a European Union-China collaborative project "Capacity Building for Migration Management in China (CBMM)" funded by the EU.

November 2009

  1. The British Government has backed new laws to crackdown on modern day slavery

    04 November 2009

    Ministers have conceded that existing legislation fails to protect people from modern day slavery and have agreed to criminalise forced labour and forced servitude in the Coroners and Justice Bill.

  2. ILO-Nottingham workshop raises urgent Chinese migrant labour issues

    04 November 2009

    Human trafficking, the exploitation of Chinese migrants in the UK and the impact of economic recession on Chinese migrant workers were among issues hotly debated by more than 70 people at a conference organised by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and The University of Nottingham.

  3. Human trafficking and forced labour - Training of Trainers

    The training is part of a broader ILO initiative to build the capacity of Tajik officials to prevent and prosecute human trafficking in the context of labour migration from Tajikistan. The overall objective of these capacity building measures is to improve investigation and prosecution of alleged trafficking cases as well as to ensure identification, protection and rehabilitation of the victims of trafficking and forced labor, in accordance with internationally accepted principles.

  4. National workshop on regulation and monitoring of private recruitment agencies

    The seminar aims at reviewing national regulations and monitoring mechanisms; drafting recommendations for the promotion of ethical business practices; and exchanging international and regional good practices.

October 2009

  1. Pakistan: ILO-Ministry of Labour workshop stresses the role of Parliamentarian in the eradication of bonded labour

    23 October 2009

    Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said Friday that government was committed to eradicate bonded labour from the country with support of all stakeholders. He was participating in a workshop on “Role of parliamentarian” organized by ILO and Ministry of Labour.

  2. Unprotected migrant workers pay a heavy price

    22 October 2009

    Protecting trafficked workers is a job for labour inspectors, and not just the police.

  3. Improving the Management of Migration Systems: Challenges for China and Europe, by Roger Plant, Bucharest, October 2009

    13 October 2009

    Presentation to Workshop on “Addressing the Demand Side of Chinese Migrant Workers in European Countries”, Bucharest, Romania, 11-12 October 2009

  4. World Day for Decent Work

    07 October 2009

    As every person should be able to have a job that enables them to live a good life in which their basic needs are met, decent work is the focus for World day for Decent Work (WDDW). This is an opportunity for trade unions and organisations to join a broad global mobilisation involving a large number of people and a wide range of activities.

  5. The Commodification of Illicit Flows: Labour Migration, Trafficking and Business

    A multidisciplinary international conference on human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation within the contexts of migration and the global economy.