Forced Labour, Slavery and Poverty Reduction: Challenges For Development Agencies by Roger Plant, DFID, London, 30 October 2007

Presentation to UK High-Level Conference to Examine the Links between Poverty, Slavery and Social Exclusion; Foreign and Commonwealth Office and DFID, London, 30 October 2007

Statement | Foreign and Commonwealth Office and DFID, London | 30 October 2007
Why should development and donor agencies, whose major concern tends to be poverty reduction, specifically address such concerns as forced labour, slavery and slavery-like practices? And if they can be persuaded to do so together with their multiple other concerns, what can they best do in practice? This paper throws out some thoughts on both these two points, and aims to map out some kind of development agenda for action against modern forced labour and slavery. Moreover, beyond the interventions of governments and inter-governmental agencies concerned with development and poverty reduction, it also considers what can be done by civil society actors including NGOs, the business community and trade unions.