Events on forced labour

May 2015

  1. Work in Freedom Programme Update

    27 May 2015

    The Work in Freedom Update and UK Stakeholder Meeting is an annual event intended to brief UK stakeholders engaged in the fight against modern slavery on progress with the Work in Freedom Programme. It is also an opportunity for others to share latest developments or emerging evidence in the field. Work in Freedom is a five year, UK-funded initiative to combat trafficking of women in South Asia and the Middle East. The programme is delivered by the International Labour Organisation, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other global and local partners.

  2. Labour Migration Academy (trilingual course)

    18 - 29 May 2015

    This global training activity on international labour migration reviews and analyses key issues, strategies, policies and tools for better governance of international labour migration, linking migration and development, and promoting the protection of rights of migrant workers and their families.. In addition to plenary sessions the academy offers the possibility to participants through elective courses to analyze as well in-depth key topics related to labour migration. The academy will therefore give a broad overview of the different challenges and opportunities related to international labour migration, but it will also give the opportunity to participants to tailor-made the reinforcement of their capacities according to their specific needs.

April 2015

  1. Expert workshop "Measuring Modern Slavery"

    27 - 28 April 2015

    The key objectives of these two days of consultation are to take stock of the current state of knowledge of tools and methodologies; to analyse the current limitations and challenges faced; to discuss the need for a unique operational definition of forced labour and for criteria for identifying modern slavery situations; and to identify partnerships and opportunities for further collaboration.

  2. Course "Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and trafficking"

    20 - 24 April 2015

    The main objective of the course is to train participants to better identify and investigate cases of forced labour, including trafficking for labour exploitation. The course addresses the different stages of the process (inspecting workplaces, interviewing victims, gathering evidence), with a focus on the private sector (textile, agriculture, domestic work, etc.).

  3. Training on Labour Dimensions of Trafficking in Persons in Malaysia

    8 - 10 April 2015

    Labour inspectors of the MOHR and other stakeholders participated in the training course on the labour dimensions of trafficking in persons in Malaysia with an aim to better understand and identify indicators of forced labour in labour exploitation situations.

March 2015

  1. Consultation Meeting on Qualitative Assessment of Returnees Migrant Domestic Workers in Indonesia

    31 March 2015

    The Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and Their Families (GAP-MDW) organized a consultation meeting to provide a space for national constituents to share inputs and perspectives on proposal research on returned migrant domestic workers in Indonesia. The study aims to document through a qualitative survey the working conditions and forced labour risks faced by Indonesian domestic workers in Malaysia and their reintegration challenges.

  2. Training for TIP National Focal Points

    2 March - 4 May 2015

February 2015

  1. Panel on Labor Rights and Human Trafficking

    19 February 2015

  2. Human exploitation: ending human trafficking and forced labour

    19 February 2015

    On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, the ILO held a panel discussion on the modern forms of forced labour, human trafficking, the vulnerability of workers to exploitation and the impact on national and global social and economic development.

January 2015

  1. Regional Conference on the Labour Dimensions of Trafficking in Persons in the ASEAN region

    27 - 29 January 2015

    Criminal justice and labour officers, inspectors and labour attachés from the ASEAN member states, social partners and other stakeholders participated in a regional conference on the Labour Dimensions of Trafficking in Persons organized with an aim to enhance participants’ understanding of the labour migration management, labour exploitation and criminal justice elements of labour trafficking.