Workshop "Addressing the Demand Side of Chinese Migrant Workers in European Countries”

Workshop organized by the ILO, in cooperation with the National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR), , as a component of the Project on “Capacity Building for Migration Management in China (CBMM)”.

The objective of the meeting was to analyze the demand for labour in the labour market in European countries aimed at Chinese migrants in order to promote dialogue between the governments of China and Romania and the business community.
During this seminar were presented the results of research conducted at the request of the ILO, which focused largely on the channels and mechanisms through which Chinese workers were recruited for temporary work period in Romania, as well as aspects of their lives and work conditions. They identified a number of areas where improvements are needed, both by law and regulations clearer, and a strong monitoring law enforcement, to ensure that treatment of these migrant workers is consistent both with Romanian standards in terms of labor market and those which Romania is party.