Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour

Organizational description | 15 April 2013
Since 2002, the Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour (SAP-FL) has spearheaded the ILO’s work by:
  • Raising global awareness and understanding of modern forced labour
  • Assisting governments to develop and implement new laws, policies and action plans
  • Developing and disseminated guidance and training materials on key aspects of forced labour and trafficking
  • Implementing innovative projects which combine policy development, capacity building of law enforcement and labour market institutions, and targeted, field-based projects of direct support for both prevention of forced labour and identification and rehabilitation of its victims.

Contacts list

General contact information: forcedlabour@ilo.org

Geneva Headquarters



  • Regional Coordinator: Marja Paavilainen , Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bangladesh: Suraia Banu, National Project Coordinator, Dhaka
  • China: Project Officer, Beijing
  • India: Bharti Birla - National Project Coordinator, New Delhi
  • India: Igor Bosc – Chief Technical Advisor, Work in Freedom Project, New Delhi
  • Nepal: Bharati Sharma Pokharel - National Project Coordinator, Kathmandu
  • Nepal: Bina Kunwar Thapa - Programme Officer for migration and trafficking, Kathmandu
  • Thailand: Max Tunon - Senior Programme Officer, TRIANGLE Project, Bangkok
  • Viet Nam: Vu Kim Hue, Project Officer, Hanoi


Latin America

Middle East