United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues – Mission report from Paraguay

This report, undertaken under the mandate of the United Nations Permanent Forum and at the request of the Government of Paraguay, concludes that a system of forced labour exists in the Chaco region, along with grave violations of international instruments supported or ratified by Paraguay.

The Mission of the United Nations Permanent Forum not only again confirms the existence of servitude, forced labour and abuses against indigenous peoples on the estates of the Chaco, previously reported by ILO, but also notes a very significant deterioration in the living conditions of the Guaraní and other indigenous peoples of the Chaco. The Mission therefore makes a pressing appeal to all national and departmental authorities, and to the international community, multilateral and bilateral organizations and NGOs, to collaborate as a matter of urgency to resolve the grave food crisis affecting indigenous communities and to put an end to violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in the Chaco.