List of Impact Insurance Research Papers

This page gives an overview of all Research Papers released by the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility since 2008.

Impact Insurance Research Papers

Issue Date Title
44 December 2014 Understanding CBHI hospitalisation patterns: A comparison of insured and uninsured women in Gujarat, India
43 November 2014 Outpatient care in RSBY: A study of program’s pilot experiments
42 July 2014 Evaluation of RSBY's key performance indicators: A biennial study
41 June 2014 Integrated health insurance for the urban working poor
40 May 2014 Exploring viability in primary care insurance: A study of CARE Hospital Foundation’s innovative experiment in India
39 March 2014 Can debiasing provided over the internet improve consumer financial decisions? Evidence from experiments on life insurance decisions from India and the U.S.
38 March 2014 The distributional consequences of micro health insurance: Can a pro-poor program prove to be regressive?
37 March 2014 Bundling health insurance and microfinance in India
36 March 2014 Evaluating health-seeking behaviour, utilization of care, and health risk: Evidence from a community based insurance model in India
35 October 2013 Literature review on the impact of microinsurance
34 July 2013 Borrowing from the insurer: An empirical analysis of demand and impact of insurance in China
33 May 2013 The impact of health insurance education on enrolment of microfinance institution clients in the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme, northern region of Ghana
32 May 2013 Can microinsurance help prevent child labour? An impact evaluation from Pakistan
31 March 2013 The impact of microinsurance on asset accumulation and human capital investments: Evidence from a drought in Kenya
30 February 2013 What is a health card worth? An evaluation of an outpatient health insurance product in rural India
29 February 2013 Understanding and information failures: Lessons from a health microinsurance program in India
28 January 2013 Smallholder participation in hog insurance and willingness to pay for improved policies: Evidence from Sichuan Province in China
27 December 2012 Protection of the microinsurance consumer: Confronting the impact of poverty on contractual relationships
26 November 2012 The demand for microinsurance: A literature review
25 November 2012 Do caste and social interactions affect risk attitudes and adoption of microinsurance? Evidence from rainfall insurance adoption in Gujarat, India
24 November 2012 The impact of a health insurance programme: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Kenya
23 October 2012 Agricultural decisions after relaxing credit and risk constraints
22 August 2012 The social dilemma of microinsurance: A framed field experiment on free-riding and coordination in microcredit groups
21 August 2012 Weather index-based insurance in a cash crop regulated sector: Ex ante evaluation for cotton producers in Cameroon
20 May 2012 Impact des mutuelles de santé sur les comportements de demande de santé des ménages au Cameroun
19 May 2012 Microinsurance decisions: Evidence from Ethiopia
18 May 2012 Client-value of microinsurance products: evidence from the mutual assistance fund (DAF) in Vietnam
17 March 2012 Weather insured savings accounts
16 March 2012 Impact of education on the willingness to pay for and knowledge of health insurance
15 February 2012 Health worker preferences for community-based health Insurance payment mechanisms: a discrete choice experiment
14 February 2012 Is it all about money? A randomized evaluation of the impact of insurance literacy and marketing treatments on the demand for health microinsurance in Senegal
13 February 2012 Risk preferences and demand for insurance under price uncertainty: an experimental approach for cocoa farmers in Côte d'ivoire
12 February 2012 Does microcredit increase child labour in absence of micro insurance?
11 February 2012 Does microinsurance help the poor? Evidence from the targeted health microinsurance program in 2004-2008
10 January 2012 Health insurance participation: Evidence from Kenya
9 October 2011 Ciblage des pauvres dans le financement communautaire de santé au Cameroun (in French)
8 October 2011 Social networks and insurance take-up: Evidence from a randomized experiment in China
7 September 2011 Establishing an index insurance triggers for crop loss in Northern Ghana
6 August 2011 Comprehensive risk cover through remote sensing techniques in agriculture insurance for developing countries: A pilot project
5 July 2011 Microinsurance utilization in Nicaragua: A report on the effects on children, retention, and health claims
4 June 2011 Microinsurance product design: Consumer preferences in Kenya
3 May 2011 The economic value of the willingness to pay for a community-based prepayment scheme in rural Cameroon
2 April 2011 Health care utilization in rural Senegal: The facts before the extension of health insurance to farmers
1 April 2011 Marketing complex financial products in emerging markets: Evidence from rainfall insurance in India