Publications on informal economy

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    Health impact of occupational risks in the informal sector in Zimbabwe

    01 January 1997

    The report outlines information from the literature on the sector, the jobs and work environment problems it involves and documented information on occupational injury and illness.

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    Promoting local economic development in a war-affected country: The ILO experience in Cambodia

    01 January 1997

    This paper analyses the "Small Enterprise and Informal Sector Promotion" project, implemented in Cambodia (1992 - 1995) to raise the living standards of disadvantaged, war affected, population. Its strategy was the promotion of local economic development by providing financial and non financial services to small scale and private economic activities.

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    Social Finance Working Paper #15: Assessing the efficiency and outreach of micro-finance schemes

    01 August 1996

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    Social Finance Working Paper #9: Monitoring guidelines for semi-formal financial institutions active in small enterprise finance

    01 April 1995

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    Social Finance Working Paper #2: Tontines and the banking system

    01 April 1994

    Is there a case for building linkages?