#Ratify C181

Promoting the ratification of the Private Employment Agencies Convention No. 181

To support optimally functioning labour markets, and to help prevent abusive and exploitative practices in labour recruiting, the ILO encourages member States to ratify and implement Convention No. 181 as the most up-to-date instrument in this area.

Private employment agencies can offer critical support to employers and workers in adapting to economic crises and changes, assisting them in redeploying resources and navigating job transitions. A framework for effective regulation is provided by the ILO's Private Employment Agencies Convention, 1997 (No. 181).

C181 supports better matching of labour supply and demand. It enhances cooperation between public and private employment service providers in areas such as information-sharing, basic job matching services, and active support. By ratifying and implementing C181, member States can encourage providers to join in delivering publicly funded employment services to specific labour market groups, particularly those facing special challenges.