Learning Unit 1.4

Survey and Settings out Construction Works

Barefoot Technician training module

Material de enseñanza | 3 de diciembre de 2015
The purpose of this learning unit Is to enable you to do simple contour survey and Slope calculation using A- Frame, Pipe level (Hydrometer) and other tools for MGNREGA works. This learning unit also enables the BFT to do lay out I mark out of Simple works on ground to start the Works.
The surveying and setting out requirements for labour-based lnfrastructure works vary with the types of works to be excecuted. The construction of new roads requires a complete survey by the Engineer to establish the alignment. The simple MGNREGS works can be given mark out by the BFT. The engineer provides at worksite with the relevant reference points and levels for tough works. This module describes simple methods for setting out on site for simple works.
BFT Is expected to know, how to use some tools like 'A: frame and hydro meter in giving mark outs at the work site.