Employment-Intensive Investment in Tunisia


Activities of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Tunisia

Current Activities and COVID-19 Response

The ILO has been advancing a pilot EIIP project on integrated local development (Initiative Pilote pour un développement Local Intégré, or IPDLI) in Tunisia, implemented in its 5 governorates (Jandouba, Nabeul, Gafsa, Kasserine, and Tatouine). The project aims to support the decentralization measures taken by the government.

Faced with the spread of COVID-19 in the country, and in response to the request from the Ministry of Local Affairs (in charge of local municipalities), the ILO Office in Tunisia designed 2 posters in French and Arabic, raising awareness on preventive measures against the spread of the virus, as part of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Under the orders of the Minister of Local Affairs, these posters prepared by the ILO are being printed in 7000 copies and distributed in all of the 350 municipalities in Tunisia. The ILO Office also prepared another poster in Arabic specifically addressing to workers of the municipalities in charge of collecting household waste who may face particular risks.

In order to protect infrastructure construction workers, the ILO Office, along with OSH specialists and doctors, organized awareness-raising sessions for partners, specifically targeted for: 1) civil servants of the local municipality, 2) workers in charge of collecting household wastes, and 3) households of the municipality of Balta Bouaen (within the governorate of Jendouba).

In addition, at the request of the Ministry of Local Affairs, the ILO has also been supporting 38 local municipalities (out of a total of 350 municipalities in Tunisia) to take preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19. The support includes the purchase of protection materials for these municipalities such as: 1) 540 kits of personal protective equipment for 540 workers in charge of collecting household waste; 2) 114 backpack pump sprayers and 114 protection kits for the workers in charge of the work; and 3) 38,000 litters of disinfectant liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) for the sprayers. The Ministry of Finance of Tunisia has financially supported ILO in its activities against COVID-19.

Historical Information

18th Regional Seminar for Labour-based Practitioners was held in Tunisia from September 9 – 13, 2019, hosted by the Government of Tunisia, under the theme of "towards sustainable and inclusive local development: local resource-based approaches and decent job creation." Click here for more information on the Seminar.