Employment-Intensive Investment in Bolivia

Web page | 10 December 2014

Historical Information

The Promotion of employment intensive technologies in public investments was a project in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru and was carried out by the Sub-regional Office of the ILO in Lima with funding under the ILO/DANIDA agreement. The project commenced its activities in January 1998, and concentrated initially on promoting the EIIP concept, familiarizing potential counterparts in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

In Bolivia, the ILO supported the Vice Ministry of Microenterprises (VME) and the Vice Ministry of Transports to provide technical assistance to the National Service of Roads (SNC- Servicio Nacional de Caminos). Three microenterprises were the basis of establishing a successful national system of roads maintenance with the financial support of the Andean Development Bank, Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF).

Additionally, an EIIP project was developed in the province of El Alto with an investment of US$10 million of the VME and the Directorio Único de Fondos (DUF). The Project developed a plan of local investments that included nine municipalities.

Further Reading

• Politicas de contratación pública y modalidades de organización legal en Perú, Bolivia y Ecuador - Acceso de las micro y pequeñas empresas a los contratos públicos para obras y servicios- José Yeng y Serge Cartier van Dissel, Oficina Subregional de la OIT para los Países Andinos, Lima, 2003 - PDF 264 Kb