Contribution of employment-intensive investment approaches to the achievement of SDGs in Cameroon

The ILO's technical assistance to the Ministry of Public Works as part of the Kumba-Mamfe road development project

This publication illustrates the contribution of the ILO's technical assistance pilot initiative at the Ministry of Public Works (MINTP) of Cameroon to the achievement of SDGs. The project was implemented to support the creation of jobs for youth and to strengthen youth employability during the development of the Kumba-Mamfe road. For a little more than two years, the ILO assisted MINTP by organizing capacity-building sessions for local government officials, SMEs and rural youths including women, for the rehabilitation of 6 km of earth road (Kombone Bafaw -Lubange-Illey-Bikoro Bafaw) adjacent to the main road, through the use of EII approaches in the form of an on-the-job training.